Mailhem’s Effective Mechanical Recycling Facility

Mechanical recycling processes plastic waste to generate secondary raw materials or products that don’t significantly change the chemical composition or structure of the material. Principally, all thermoplastics can be mechanically recycled with minimum quality impairment.

Historically, the mention ‘made with recycled materials’ refers to products that are made using mechanical recycling, also known as traditional recycling. The process includes collecting waste plastic from recycling bins, delivering it to recycling centres, cleaning and chopping, and then melting it to form plastic pellets that can be used to make other products.

Mailhem’s Efficient Mechanical Recycling Facility

One of the basic problems in India is the source segregation of waste. Since source segregation is not successful in India, Presorting of Waste is a big challenge in waste management. Mailhem has the experience of handling 500TPD Mixed Municipal Solid Waste in Nashik.

The large objects are manually sorted and then fed into the mechanized sorting trammel. All materials above 100 mm in size are sent for RDF and those below 100 mm, which are high in organic content, are then transferred to the composting yard to begin windrow preparation.

Our presorting facility helps in segregating the waste and then converting it into compost, energy or fuel as per the waste size and type. This mechanical facility reduces manpower and human intervention and delivers excellent results.

Benefits of Mechanical Recycling

  1. By recycling plastic, we can conserve the natural resources and energy required to produce virgin plastic.
  2. Every time plastic is recycled, less of it ends up in a landfill and as a result, less of the material takes up room in our precious environment for hundreds of years.
  3. By making products from recycled plastic packaging materials, we can ensure three times higher efficiency in greenhouse gas emissions compared to manufacturing the same product using virgin raw materials. A lot of energy is saved in recycling compared to virgin product manufacturing.
  4. Mechanical recycling is one of the most carbon-efficient methods.

Challenges with Mechanical Recycling

At Mailhem, we work every day to minimize challenges and help contribute to recycling with our facilities. Mechanical Recycling Facility plays a significant role in reducing the stream of waste, minimizing the demand for raw materials and curbing pollution that’s associated with manufacturing new products.

As a citizen, you can do your bit to contribute towards recycling by using recycled products more often, segregating your waste responsibly and working towards a greener and sustainable future.




Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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