Biomass Briquetting

Biomass briquetting machines are used to convert biomass waste into energy fuel briquettes. It is a renewable source of energy and has gained recognition as a substitute for wood, coal and lignite. Since no chemical is added in the process, this is considered a highly eco-friendly technique that produces maximum green energy on earth.

Save Energy, Make Fuel

Are you ready to use all the energy hiding within biomass? There are many valuable raw materials that we consider waste that can be effectively used to produce energy. This includes straw, hay, tobacco, legume shells, wool, flax, and more.

The biomass briquetting machines use biomass feedstock, forestry waste, or agricultural waste like sawdust, coffee husk, tea husk, jute waste, groundnut or almond shells, bagasse, coir pith, horticultural waste, and more. The waste is gathered and fed into the machine under high mechanical pressure without the use of any binder. Thus, it is also called binder-less technology and briquettes are called ‘white coal’ as they burn without causing any pollution. Once the biomass briquetting process is complete, highly energy-efficient briquettes are available to meet the high fuel demands in the market.

The form of a briquette makes it easy to transport the waste and is also a great product for profitable sales. Plus, since the calorific value of the compressed briquettes is higher than the loose mass, the burning properties are considered ideal.

Advantages of Briquetting

  1. It reduces the volume of up to 90% of the initial raw material and makes it easy to store and transport.
  2. It has a big improvement in combustion properties and is an eco-friendly fuel.
  3. It reduces dust emission in the environment as less dust is produced during handling.
  4. The high-pressing pressure delivers a higher briquette density.
  5. Ensures a smarter residue handling.
  6. The disposal costs are considerably reduced for farmers and businesses.
  7. Since briquettes are easy to transport, it reduces the transport and storage cost as well.
  8. Briquettes offer a user-friendly and innovative design.
  9. Easy to maintain for long-term as well.
  10. Low water content in the fuel ensures better storage stability with less biodegradation.
  11. The high homogeneity of the fuel.
  12. Additives can be used to change the material properties

Did you know?

To create dimensionally stable briquettes from biomass, the water content of the material should be less than 15%.

At Mailhem, we convert horticultural waste into easy to storage, transport and use briquettes. The process highly improves the combustion in boilers and cement clinkers. Our briquettes are used for many applications in domestic and industrial areas.

When you use your own energy as a business, you can become independent and generate sustainable heat for a greener and cleaner future.

If you’re looking at biomass as a renewable energy source, Mailhem will be happy to help you convert it into briquettes.




Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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