All About Dead Animal Incineration

  1. It is a suitable method to dispose of small animals and thus, prevent pollution and improve environmental air quality.
  2. For many farms and poultry businesses, incineration is the most preferred method of dead animal disposal as it is safe, eco-friendly and affordable.
  3. For owners of slaughterhouses and other animal farms, this is also a great way to convert waste to energy.
  4. It is a preferred method to manage small carcasses — poultry, etc., and it can be set up on the farm itself.
  5. The capital cost is easily recovered, and producers and farms get a convenient option to dispose of mortalities when they are generated, without having to find temporary storage for it.
  6. Incinerators are easy to operate, clean and maintain.
  7. Incinerators are available in high-capacity and flexible sizes for different animal carcasses.
  8. It ensures local and instant disposal with low energy consumption.
  9. Since no transportation costs are involved, owners can ensure a smaller environmental footprint.



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