We’re proud to bring the next generation of landfill technology with bioreactor landfills that offer the future of landfill management to yield significant environmental benefits. It operates to transform and degrade organic waste rapidly and works in three models — aerobic, anaerobic and hybrid (a combination of both).

What is…

Windrow Composting Techniques for Waste Reduction | The Windrow Method | Mailhem Environment | Waste Management | Things to Keep in Mind for Composting | Benefits of Windrow Composting | Recycle Waste |
Windrow Composting Techniques for Waste Reduction

Aerated windrow composting is ideal for large volumes of waste, typically generated by entire communities or cities and collected by the local governments or high volume food-processing businesses. This process yields a significant amount of compost that is available at a low cost, too.

The Windrow Method

Biogas Plants for Auto & Industrial Fuel (CBG Plants) | All About Anaerobic Digestion for CBG | Anaerobic Digestion | Compressed Biogas Plants | Produce Fuel | Mailhem Environment | Waste Management Services | Importance of Waste Management |
Biogas Plants for Auto & Industrial Fuel (CBG Plants)

What if you were told that you could get free fuel to run your car and travel as long as you want? Sounds too good to be true? Not with biogas!

If you can harness or cultivate biogas, you can create fuel for automobile and industrial usage. Ready to know…

Biogas Plants | Electricity Generation | Mailhem Environment | Power Generation | Waste Management | Advantages of Generating Electricity with Biogas Plants | Future of Electricity Generation in India |
Biogas Plants for Electricity Generation

Biogas technology generates a combustible gas from anaerobic biomass digestion and this is one of the most growing technologies for cleaner and greener futures. In fact, millions of biogas plants are operational across the world. Although using the gas for combustion in home stoves or for gas lamps is common…

Mailhem Environment | Waste Management | Small Portable Biogas Plants | Why Consider a Portable Biogas Plant? | Mailhem’s Portable Biogas Plants | Disposal of Waste |
Small Portable Biogas Plants

Portable biogas plants are considered to be the safest option to convert biodegradable waste into biogas and manure. These plants are small units specifically designed for household and institutional purposes to generate energy from waste materials. …

Smart Cities Waste Management Plans | Smart Cities | Waste Management Plans | Waste management company | Mailhem environment | Converting Waste to Energy | The Story of Indore |
Smart Cities Waste Management Plans

Indian cities are now turning over a new leaf with solid waste management. As urban India continues to grow in its infrastructure and population, the waste also increases exponentially. Apart from being a public health issue, the waste also causes serious law issues as people turn to violent methods to…

Anaerobic Digestion | Mailhem Environment | Waste Management | Recycle Waste | What is Anaerobic Digestion? | Biogas Plants | Reuse Waste | Bio Fuel |
Anaerobic Digestion

At Mailhem, we consider it our responsibility to promote waste to energy plants and reduce the amount of waste in India. We constantly promote and support sustainable use of resources. Our ability to deliver anaerobic digestion solutions helps in reducing the waste and producing fuel.

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

How Recycling helps in Waste Management | Waste Management | Mailhem Environment | Recycle Waste |
How Recycling helps in Waste Management

We all need to drastically improve our recycling habits — at home, workplaces, industrial setups and more. Reducing the level of waste we produce is crucial to protect our environment in the long term and the key to do this is recycling. While waste management solutions do offer opportunities to…

Biogas Benefits | Sustainable | Mailhem Environment | Waste Management |
Biogas Benefits for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Today, the entire world is promoting renewable energy sources to ease the load on our finite sources. The increasing climate change concern is also leading top environmentalists to focus on other sources like biogas. It is produced when organic material degrades by microorganisms using anaerobic digestion. Biogas has around 50…

Biogas vs. Natural Gas | Mailhem | Waste Management | Environment |
Biogas vs. Natural Gas

The debate on whether to use biogas or natural gas continues for decades together. We bring you the key features of biogas and why it is so environmentally friendly, especially in the current times. …

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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