Waste management of dead animals in poultry and livestock growing situations is a continuous challenge. Our environmental-climate calls for the right methods of dead animal disposal. While some methods like burial, composting, landfilling are available; incineration helps convert waste to energy systems, and thus, is a better solution.

What are…

Mechanical recycling processes plastic waste to generate secondary raw materials or products that don’t significantly change the chemical composition or structure of the material. Principally, all thermoplastics can be mechanically recycled with minimum quality impairment.

Historically, the mention ‘made with recycled materials’ refers to products that are made using mechanical…

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG) has launched the SATAT scheme on Compressed Biogas (CBG) to help potential entrepreneurs set up CBG plants. As India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, our energy consumption is expected to rise considerably. As the country is highly dependent…

Windrow Composting Techniques for Waste Reduction | The Windrow Method | Mailhem Environment | Waste Management | Things to Keep in Mind for Composting | Benefits of Windrow Composting | Recycle Waste |
Windrow Composting Techniques for Waste Reduction

Aerated windrow composting is ideal for large volumes of waste, typically generated by entire communities or cities and collected by the local governments or high volume food-processing businesses. This process yields a significant amount of compost that is available at a low cost, too.

The Windrow Method

Biogas Plants | Electricity Generation | Mailhem Environment | Power Generation | Waste Management | Advantages of Generating Electricity with Biogas Plants | Future of Electricity Generation in India |
Biogas Plants for Electricity Generation

Biogas technology generates a combustible gas from anaerobic biomass digestion and this is one of the most growing technologies for cleaner and greener futures. In fact, millions of biogas plants are operational across the world. Although using the gas for combustion in home stoves or for gas lamps is common…

Mailhem Environment | Waste Management | Small Portable Biogas Plants | Why Consider a Portable Biogas Plant? | Mailhem’s Portable Biogas Plants | Disposal of Waste |
Small Portable Biogas Plants

Portable biogas plants are considered to be the safest option to convert biodegradable waste into biogas and manure. These plants are small units specifically designed for household and institutional purposes to generate energy from waste materials. …

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd.

Mailhem Environment Pvt. Ltd. celebrates a legacy of 25 years, delivering sustainable solutions for green energy for the Indian waste management ecosystem.

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